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The Dry CUT

 Cutting hair dry is not a new concept, as many hairstylists over the years have used variations of dry haircutting techniques. The late John Sahag is generally considered to be the pioneer in the the dry-cut method. Sahag, who advocated the shift to dry cutting in the late 1970s, believed that when the hair is cut dry, it creates a natural shape  according to the way the hair grows. Dry haircutting enables the stylist to remove bulk and weight while creating movement and dimension.
 Dry cutting is comparable to both  sculpture and architecture. With the hair as the medium and your scissor your tool, the shape is carved into the hair to accentuate the person’s best features and diminish others. You start carving or building a shape from the foundation up, with every section you visualize the cut and watch it take its form. Considered hair couture, the finish is always unique.

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